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Fejfa monográfia – Monography of Wooden Grave Post

$ 45.00

The wooden grave-marker cult, which has evolved in the Protestant burial ritual, is characteristic of the Hungarian folk culture. „a kop­ja­fá­nak a sír­je­lö­lés­sel va­ló kap­cso­la­tát a kop­jás te­met­ke­zé­si szo­kás­sal hoz­zák kap­cso­lat­ba”

Hungarian Embroideries

$ 49.90


history, regional embroideries, B&W drawings, references

Hungarian Folk Customs

$ 16.90

32 drawings & 49 Photos

Hungarian Folk Songs and Folk Instruments

$ 16.00

illustrated by 32 black and white and 18 colour plates

Hungarian folk tales/Ungarische volkmarchen

$ 15.00

Long ago, when Hungarians used to tell each other tales in the evenings, they thought up some of the most amazing things.