1–12 termék, összesen 74 db

A természet csodái – Angol-magyar képes atlasz

$ 32.90

Több mint 150 természeti csoda, több mint 5000 angol szó!

Atlas of Central Europe – Facsimile Edition of the 1945 Atlas

$ 49.99

(leather cover, numbered copy) The country was disrupted into three parts during the Ottoman expansion then two of its parts were united. The large area became one political unit again in the middle of the 19th century. The nation was split into five parts in 1920.

Atlas of the World

$ 35.00

Attractive and large book with beautiful illustrations of the Solar System and geology of the earth. Besides the maps the book contains information about the world. Beautiful book inside and out.


$ 34.95

315 Colour Photographs + Historical, cultural overview

Budapest – A complete guide

$ 12.00

(with tourist’s dictionary)