A thousand years of travel in old Hungary (Így utaztunk hajdanában )

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Szerző-Author: Antalffy Gyula

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Típus-Type: antikvár
Állapot-Condition: good (cover is bit stained)
Kiadó-Publisher: Corvina, 1980
Nyelv-Language: english
Oldalszám-Pages: 337
Kötés-Binding: soft cover
Azonosító-Item number: 46-312


This is a great read regarding Hungarian history in the area of travel! The book clearly delivers on „…a vivid picture of life on the Hungarian Roads and rivers from the Magyar conquest to the coming of the steam engine…” Illustrated with over 50 pages of images from 1375 AD to the opening of the Hungarian railway in 1846. An awesome book to learn more about or begin your understanding of life in Hungary with a focus on travel