An Innocent Millionaire

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Szerző-Author: Vizinczey, Stephen

Brilliantly inventive, written with great flair and shows a deliciously comic and ironic sense of American realities.

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Típus-Type: antikvár
Állapot-Condition: very good
Kiadó-Publisher: McClelland & Stewart, First Canadian Edition (Jan. 1 1983)
Nyelv-Language: english
Oldalszám-Pages: 388
Kötés-Binding: hardcover
Azonosító-Item number: 16-774
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Born in New York but raised in Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, worried about starving even while living in luxury, Mark Niven sets his heart on recovering the treasure ship Flora, which sank in 1820 somewhere between Barbados and Florida. Searching for the wreck, he falls in love with the neglected wife of a jealous husband, and his love as well as his dreams of riches turn into nightmare experiences….