Annamaria’s Kitchen: Tastes of Hungary #4

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Szerző-Author: Török Annamária

Traditional Hungarian Cooking

appetizers, soups, main dishes, desserts

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Típus-Type: új
Kiadó-Publisher: Torok, 2023
Nyelv-Language: english
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There is no holiday party or family gathering in Hungary without a good pogácsa or cheese sticks. In addition to our favorite party foods, I added traditional appetizer recipes. If you read this new book, you will also learn what the Hungarian word „katona” means, that is literally translated to „soldier” in English, although it really refers to a snack. You will also see that salads are served slightly differently in Hungary, than in many other parts of the world. We typically consider salad not as an appetizer but we serve it with the main course. In addition to snacks, you will see many great soup recipes, main dishes and desserts. You will also find pickles, jam, and the legendary Hungarian lecsó. In this recipe, lecsó is made to be canned in jars at the end of the summer, so you can enjoy the fresh flavors and the goodness preserved in the vegetables all year long. I wish you happy cooking and lots of joy in your culinary journey.