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BUDAPEST It is a city on the two banks of the River Danube. On one side there is a wide plain, on the other a forested hillrange. There are green patches in the river: islands. Bridges connect the left and right banks. Tlie castle rises on the Buda side, the Houses of Parliament enrich the Pest side. It is a vivid panorama, offering thousands of small miraeles to the observing eye, eausing warmth in one’s heart, a gripping feeling in one’s throat. Simply: it is beautiful! It is alsó beautiful in its historic and cultural aspects, since this is a city with a two-thousandyear past. First there was an elegant Román settlement, then carne medieval Pest, Buda and Old Buda, built upon the ruins of the former légion. Later the remains of the era of the Árpád dynasty kings were followed by humanist and renaissance artistic achievements.