Halló, itt Magyarország! #1.(Hungarian for foreigners)

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Szerző-Author: Erdős-Prileszky

Magyar nyelvkönyv külföldieknek * Hungarian for foreigners * Ungarisch für Ausländer * Hongrois pour étrangers * Ungherese per stranieri

Gives proficiency in everyday Hungarian, based on well founded grammatical knowledge, both at beginners and intermediate level.

Suitable for self-study or classroom use. (with NO AUDIO !)

(+ see Supplementary Volume, must be purchased together, klick on authors’ name!)


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Típus-Type: antikvár
Állapot-Condition: új
Kiadó-Publisher: Akadémiai, 2002
Nyelv-Language: magyar
Oldalszám-Pages: 170
Kötés-Binding: soft cover
Azonosító-Item number: 23-126
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This course gives proficiency in everyday Hungarian, based on well-founded grammatical knowledge both at beginners’ and intermediate level and can be used in the classroom as well as for individual learning. 1st and 2nd volumes contain: twenty, identically structured units; clear tables summarizing the most important grammatical constructions; a glossary of new words; revised texts which introduce the learner to the most common speech situations; picture exercises to improve oral fluency as well as exercises to practice contemporary written and oral language and grammar.