Paprika: A Spicy Memoir From Hungary

$ 42.90

Szerző-Author: Sasvari, Joanne

For Hungarians the past is always present at the dinner table, as is curiosity, sensitivity and a love for the spicy parts of life. This is a culture, after all, who love their paprika almost as much as they love a good yarn.



Paprika is a spicy food and travel memoir that follows life in Hungary after the Hungarian Uprising in 1956. From living in a household of women all cooking with paprika, to the “Great Paprika Crisis” of 2004, this book is a collection of zesty prose, tantalizing recipes and delectable stories to warm up your heart and spice up your palate.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising, Paprika is a touching, but humorous collection of wild, and sometimes embellished, tales of family lore, unforgettable recipes and cultural insights. Traveling from Budapest’s elegant boulevards to the rustic plains and vineyards of the countryside, Sasvari plunges into the world of paprika.