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A Hungarian Quartet (Four Contemporary Short Novels)

$ 25.00

Four Hungarian novellas from the 1980s: Géza Ottlik: Logbook (1989) / Iván Mándy: Left Behind (1986) / Miklós Mészöly: Forgiveness (1984) / Péter Esterházy: The Transporters (1983)

Clouds over Markota (novel)

$ 20.00

An American fighter pilot; a Hungarian farmer’s daughter; for the rest of the world the end of the Second World War meant peace, but in Eastern Europe the trouble was just beginning.

Hungaria Litterata, Europae Filia (selected writings)

$ 25.00

The Hungarians and Hungarian culture have been part of European culture for a thousand years and so they are today.

Hungarian-Canadian Literature

$ 19.90

History of Hungarian-Canadian Literature

HUNGARY – Dramacontemporary

$ 18.00

Plays by Gyorgy Spiro, Mihaly Kornis, Istvan Csurka, Geza Paskandi and Andras Suto. These plays reflect the social realities of Hungarian life, particularly themes of identity crisis, the role of the intellectual in society, and for Transylvanian authors Suto and Paskandi, contemporary political problems transposed into historical, allegorical settings.

The Fury of the Tzar – Bonfire

$ 35.90

In The Fury of the Tsar, we enter the heart of the Kremlin and the military industrial complex of the United States, all wrapped into the fire of Eastern European history. This is not a story of faultless American knights and shady, corrupt Russians.

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Homo hungaricus

$ 25.00

(illustrations by István P. Szathmáry) How best to sum up the habits of Homo hungaricus? This guide will take you on a ride to the home of Magyar man. Should this book leave you not knowing whether to laugh or cry, please feel free to do both at once.

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I Am Fifteen – and I Don’t Want to Die

$ 25.00

Christine is only fifteen, and she’s caught in the middle of a war-torn city. Huddled in the cold, dark cellar of their bombed-out apartment building, Christine and her family listen in fear as the battle rages over their heads.

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