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Embers (A gyertyák csonkig égnek)

$ 32.90

Originally published in 1942 and now rediscovered to international acclaim, this taut and exquisitely structured novel by the Hungarian master Sandor Marai conjures the melancholy glamour of a decaying empire and the disillusioned wisdom of its last heirs.

Emlékiratok könyve I-II.

$ 49.90

Az először 1986-ban megjelent nagyregény  meghódította Európát és Amerikát, a világ kultúrájának részévé vált. A huszadik század emberének szellemi válságát és élettapasztalatát összegző nagy művek között tartják számon. Egy könyv, amelyet minden művelt embernek olvasnia kell!


Flashes in the Night

$ 25.00

(Stories from Contemporary Hungary)

Helping Verbs of the Heart

$ 25.00

Esterházy achieved in this book a real literarian tour-de-force which mixes most unexpected and revealing ingredients. Two brothers and a sister, summoned by their father and reunited at the hospital where their mother lies on her deathbed, must come to grips with their relationships with both their parents

How to be an Alien

$ 19.90

funny novel

George Mikes was a Hungarian-born British journalist, humorist and writer, best known for his humorous commentaries on various countries.

It Was Adultery, Adam! (Megcsaltam Ádámot!)

$ 18.95

satyrical autobiography of Eve, Ancestress of us all


$ 25.00

Jaguar (1914) is the tale of the meteoric rise and fall of an apocryphal newspaper. The artfully constructed plot is set in the bohemian milieu of an easy-going fin de siecle Budapest – where Heltai himself was a young journalist – in which the telephone exists, cars do not, much importance attaches to coffee-houses and journalists rise late and work till all hours.

Kid without fear – Autobiography & Memoirs

$ 20.00

Charles traded hand grenades with other kids like one would trade baseball cards. At the age of twenty-one, he escaped from Communist Hungary to Canada via Communist Yugoslavia, and in the same year he was hit by lightning three times on the same farm. Charles has lived his life by his magical three D’s: Desire, Determination, and Drive.

Liszt’s Weimar

$ 10.00

Albert Morris Bagby spent the summer of 1885 in Weimar, where he attended Liszt’s classes. In the guise of a light-hearted autobiographical novel, this romantic tale reveals the characters of several real-life individuals who were part of Liszt’s circle

My Italian Summer

$ 25.00

The novel brilliantly captures the challenge of growing up in two different worlds: Hungarian and American. The inability to feel totally at home in either environment, the loneliness of being without relatives in America, and the deeply-felt isolation of leading a marginal existence within the boundaries of two cultures