Aromatherapy Massage

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Szerző-Author: Maxwell-Hudson, Claire

The complete illustrated guide to massaging with essential oils.

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Állapot-Condition: very good
Kiadó-Publisher: DK, 1995
Nyelv-Language: english
Oldalszám-Pages: 112
Kötés-Binding: soft cover
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This informative and inspiring guide by best-selling authority Clare Maxwell-Hudson is designed for all wanting to experience the pleasures and befits of massage with deliciously scented oils. Known as the „sensual science,” aromatherapy massage relies upon the combination of aromatic oils and the nurturing, relaxing powers of touch. In Aromatherapy Massage, first the basic massage techniques are shown in step-by-step photographs anyone can follow. Then the benefits of each stroke are explained, and a special full-body massage program using essential oils shows how strokes can be combined in a sequence to dispel tension, restore energy, and foster overall well-being. Also included is a wide range of fragrant beauty massage treatments–pampering facials, invigorating self-massage sequences, and treatments for the bath. More than 30 recipes for simple, effective preparations, including cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, all made from essential oils and other natural ingredients, allow readers to create their own beauty basics. A full-color catalog features more than 20 of the author’s favorite aromatic oils–from sweet, floral-scented jasmine to warm, exotic sandalwood. Each oil is pictured, with accompanying text detailing its distinctive scent, source, main constituents, history, properties, and therapeutic uses. Easy-to-follow charts provide a guide to blending essential oils and which oils to use dot relive common ailments. In its comprehensive coverage, Aromatherapy Massage is today’s essential guide to the ancient art of massaging with aromatic oils to revive, energize, and even heal both body and mind.