Escape to tomorrow

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Each day is a struggle to survive…

About the Author:  I grew up in a small, peaceful Canadian town, listening to the stories of my immigrant parents’ childhood experiences. Their courage and determination provided me with opportunities that many of their generation were denied. In discussing the large events that shaped the great wars, the impact on the little people is often overlooked. The course of millions of lives was changed, and millions of people suffered hunger, poverty, and torture. I feel that it was important to tell a few of their stories before they are forgotten.

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Típus-Type: new
Kiadó-Publisher: ‎ Tellwell Talent, 2023
Nyelv-Language: english
Oldalszám-Pages: 294
Kötés-Binding: soft cover
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In a remote corner of Hungary, Dora; her mother, Anna; and the rest of their family have mostly been spared the horrors of World War II. Their small village has been overrun by the German army, which controls their daily lives. As long as the villagers don’t resist, they co-exist within a nervous alliance.

When Anna’s husband, Sandor, is conscripted into the Hungarian army and transferred to the Eastern Front by German command, Anna must use her wits to provide for her family and protect her daughters.

During the course of events, the girls’ lives have been turned upside down, and Dora’s dream of going to the Fine Arts University and living in the big city seems beyond her grasp.

Meanwhile, as borders are re-drawn, the Russian army overtakes the village and brings the threat of violence to Dora and Anna’s doorstep.

When Anna welcomes fleeing immigrants into her home, she finds a good friend in Marta, and Dora finds a kindred spirit in her son, Gabor. The bond they share gives them the courage to move forward toward their dreams.

After Sandor is released from the prisoner-of-war camp, he returns home a broken man. This added burden threatens to rip the fabric of the family apart. Together, they support each other and find the strength to face adversity.

With the love and support of family and friends, Dora, Anna, and the others are gradually able to pick up the pieces of her lives in a world that is falling apart.

Many events in this novel are based upon true experiences of the author’s family members.