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And Peace Never Came

$ 19.95

It is Easter Sunday, April 1945, early in the morning, maybe just dawn. We stand still, like frozen grey statues. Us. Seven hundred and thirty women, wrapped in wet, grey, threadbare blankets, standing in the rain. Our blankets hang over our heads, drape down to the soil. We hold them closed with our hands from the inside, leaving only a small opening to peer out, so that we save the precious warmth of our breath…

East of Man

$ 35.00

(a Hungarian in Siberian labour camp 1945-1950) (Signed by the author)

Escape to tomorrow

$ 20.00

Each day is a struggle to survive…

About the Author:  I grew up in a small, peaceful Canadian town, listening to the stories of my immigrant parents’ childhood experiences. Their courage and determination provided me with opportunities that many of their generation were denied. In discussing the large events that shaped the great wars, the impact on the little people is often overlooked. The course of millions of lives was changed, and millions of people suffered hunger, poverty, and torture. I feel that it was important to tell a few of their stories before they are forgotten.


$ 25.00

Fateless is a moving and disturbing novel about a Hungarian Jewish boy’s experiences in German concentration camps and his attempts to reconcile himself to those experiences after the war.

Give me Liberty!

$ 10.00

The Story of a Hungarian Emmigrant

Mind Twisters

$ 18.00

The memoir of an international lawyer who is held in a Communist prison under bogus pretenses in the 1950’s and is transformed into a schizophrenic through the use of a truth serum. Follow his story as he plunges into the despair of schizophrenia and re-emerges from it. The stunning part of this tale is that he remembers what happens to him.

On Whom I Have Mercy

$ 10.00

Christian by faith and Jewish under the law, Katalin struggles with her dual identity in a Hungary caught up in World War II and its aftermath. She and Istvan, a Jew, fall in love. They struggle with their desire for marriage and to have a child in the midst of the increasing threat from Nazi violence. Istvan is deported to a concentration camp; four months later Kata and family seek refuge with Christian friends.

Outcasts – a love story

$ 29.99

Based on true events, this sprawling love story of hope, courage, and redemption will stay with readers long after finishing the book.