From Hungary With Love

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Szerző-Author: Szele, George

The author is hopeful that all those who read his story will have a better understanding of the love in the hearts and souls of Hungarian people. This historical fiction is based on real life events. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

(signed by author)

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Kiadó-Publisher: Szele, 2015
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This story is about a Hungarian teenager who lived through the horrors of World War II, including air raids, bombing of his hometown, and the Siege of Budapest. He was abducted by the Russians and taken as a prisoner of war. He and his family were actively helping Jews to survive the Nazi terror. He lived for eight years in a brutal, totalitarian, Soviet style communist nightmare and as a young physician was forced to spend time in a sanatorium because of a questionable false diagnosis. During the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, he was a surgeon at one of the busiest hospitals in Budapest where the first mass casualties were treated. When the Freedom Fight was lost because in the absence of Western support the Soviets had a free hand to crush it, he had to escape to seek freedom. His love for God, family, friends, indeed all humanity, sustained him during those difficult years. He never gave up but pressed on with an optimistic, positive outlook for life in liberty.